Together, we can do more good.

Together, we can do more good.

Together, we can do more good.Together, we can do more good.Together, we can do more good.

Our approach is what sets us apart.


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We'll start by assessing your unique needs, set goals and make a plan.



Then, we'll put the plan into action and work together to make sure all relevant stakeholder voices are heard.


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And finally, we'll create positive social change and ensure long-term sustainability.

We help make great organizations even better.

Community-based organizations and collaboratives often lack the resources and time to conduct their own research. Research for Change provides the expertise they need to make evidence-informed decisions and demonstrate their social and economic impact.
Our goal is to help our clients develop and implement strategies that enhance policies and programs based on community-identified needs.

Who we are


We’re a team of experienced researchers and facilitators specialized in pinpointing and addressing organizations’ specific objectives. We do this by exploring ideas, engaging with the right people, and finally, using the insights we’ve gathered to inform practices  that lead to positive social transformation.

Our clients


All of our clients have one thing in common—their ultimate goal is to do good in communities. Specifically, the people we work with are committed to fostering resilience, wellbeing and prosperity to address a wide range of issues, including poverty, inequality, food access, housing security, accessibility and diversity, mental and physical health, newcomer social and economic inclusion, as well as community advancement through social enterprise development.

We work with a range of clients, including:

  • Community support agencies, funders and executive boards
  • Healthcare and social service teams
  • Mental health professionals
  • Academic administrators and educators
  • Community-oriented economic developers
  • Life-skills, workforce integration and employment counselors
  • Social justice collaboratives
  • Sexual health and harm reduction groups
  • Women’s shelters and gender-justice committees
  • Social enterprise practitioners
  • Human resource specialists
  • Government organizations 


A force for good

At Research for Change, we operate based on a model that’s focused on improving services, conditions and opportunities in our communities. Our projects are driven by a passion for celebrating diversity and promoting human rights, social inclusion, equity and accessibility.

Services we offer

  • Community-based research and report writing
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Partnership development across sectors
  • Policy and funding advancement
  • Facilitating collaborations for collective impact

Whether you’re trying to influence policy change, enhance services based on community-identified needs, secure resources, or you need to demonstrate that the funding you currently have is making an impact, we can help.

We’re proud to have partnered with these organizations.

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Immigrant survey report

We provided actionable recommendations to improve the social and economic wellbeing of newcomers in Guelph and Wellington County. We did this by implementing a comprehensive survey that captured immigrants’ experiences and challenges in the region.

Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County

External evaluation process report for the Building Rural Support Innovation Fund project

We measured how well desired outcomes were being achieved by developing an evaluation framework and surveying members of the advisory committee, project staff and community partners hosting rural outreach sites.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto

Girls Circle final evaluation report

By conducting in-depth interviews, we evaluated the efficacy of the program in reducing risk factors, increasing protective factors for resiliency, as well as providing skills training to improve relationships, strengths and competencies among young women.

The 519

Market research report for Diversity and Inclusion Social Enterprise

We investigated related ventures, their core markets and pricing to illuminate potential issues, innovations and key opportunities for the urban community centre’s models for diversity and inclusion training.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

The Intersection of Settlement and Housing Services and Policies: Reducing the Risk of Homelessness for Immigrant and Refugee Women

In collaboration with the OCASI, we reported on the service pathways of women and identified ways to improve the linkages between settlement service agencies and housing providers.

Huron County Health Unit

Destination: Prosperity, Huron Park Community Engagement Pilot Project

Along with Eko Nomos, we developed and implemented a community development strategy for Huron County to encourage women and girls to take leadership roles to combat isolation. The ultimate goal: to improve community services.

Turtle House Art/Play Centre

Feasibility assessment of A Home
to Call our Own

Together with C. Lang Consulting, we assessed the feasibility for establishing a social enterprise to enable teaching opportunities and flexible studio rentals for newcomer and refugee painters and potters.

Community Foundations of Canada

2016–2018 evaluation framework
for Youth Catalyst Fund

We developed a shared evaluation framework for 10 agencies receiving funding from the Youth Catalyst Fund, a granting stream focused on improving outcomes for youth employment and educational attainment.

Skills for Change

Hamilton Youth Entrepreneurship
Hub evaluation

By consulting with program participants and stakeholders, we were able to evaluate outcomes and the program’s success in launching budding youth entrepreneurs.

Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Doula market research  for social enterprise development

We conducted market research to support the development of a social enterprise with the goal of providing economic advancement opportunities.

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre

Feasibility assessment of a community kitchen social enterprise

Along with C. Lang Consulting and the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto, we assessed opportunities and readiness to develop a community kitchen.

Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Mental health report for Minds at Work

We analyzed key informant interviews, which allowed us to develop an assessment tool, counselling techniques, workshop curriculum, and training to improve staff’s ability to work with clients experiencing emotional challenges.

University of Guelph, Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition

Institutional Quality Assurance process report senate submission

We consolidated more than 100 sources to evaluate the department’s commitment to quality assurance and the development and assessment of learning outcomes. We also reported on the department’s 12 programs to evaluate trends in development, impact, productivity, external and internal demand, quality of inputs and outputs, as well as opportunities for future growth.

YWCA Muskoka

Women in Business program evaluation

We documented the personal and economic impacts for those who participated in the following programs: Business of Life, Women in Business and Enterprising Women. We also highlighted positive outcomes for the YWCA Muskoka and community partners.

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what clients are saying about Research for change

“Samantha Blostein of Research for Change has been an integral part of our evaluation process and has been key in helping us fulfill the needs of our external funder. She has shown great dedication in helping us gain both the quantitative and qualitative data we needed from our evaluations, and was readily available when any last-minute issues came up. We are grateful for her expertise.”

Stacey Schat, Youth Programs Coordinator, YWCA Muskoka

"Research for Change and Ekos Nomos were instrumental in the development and implementation of a participatory action research project with Poverty to Prosperity, Huron County’s anti-poverty coalition. The project involved designing a strategy to work with women as heads of household and leaders in socially isolated and underserved rural communities."

Pam Hanington, Community Developer, Huron County Health Unit

“The quality of work that Samantha (Director of Research for Change) produced for our program was outstanding. We felt fortunate to have someone working with us who had incredible compassion and understanding for our service users
and the challenges that they face.”

Maryolga Gonzalez, Girls Circle Program Facilitator,
Elizabeth Fry Toronto